Important business information to help you through the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 Coronavirus

Now more than ever with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Consumer behaviour is evolving. In times gone by, a local supermarket, shopping centre, or any physical store was the place get whatever you needed.

These days, the internet floods consumers with an exhaustive and moderately priced product range. It’s imperative that retailers to grasp this change and with change comes opportunity.

You can endure this pandemic, all the while coming out on top of it. We should examine the difficulties you will come across as you begin to sell online and how to prevail at eCommerce.

Why you should be selling online

With the current situation of consumer uncertainty and government regulations preventing people gathering in public spaces, most current purchasing is from online sales. What you should be looking at is where the expansion is occurring. This is the sort of development that small to medium sized businesses can’t disregard.

Take Professional Photographs

Having a physical store, you might not have a requirement for pictures. With regards to eCommerce, excellent photos are what your shoppers see and can be a vital factor of what or if they make a purchase. Visualise a client strolling through your store and having to rely on you describing the product without them seeing it. They are more than likely going to walk away without any products. Several pictures from different angles will go a long way in making that sale.

ecommerce photography

Create an online store

You’ll want to begin selling through an online store. We can help you get set up online. A WordPress website is ideal, if you’re a little tech savvy you’ll be able to take charge and upload your own products and pricing as they change. However, if you either don’t have the time or you want us to facilitate this process, we can help with that too. You will have your own website, share your store’s story, and grow your image.

Contact us for more information and find out how we can help you through these tough times.

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