Get Your Business Online in Just 5 Easy Steps

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Get Your Business Online in Just 5 Easy Steps

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In this post I’ll be running through the basics you need to do so you can get your business online in just 5 easy steps. Alright, so let’s assume you have a new start-up business but you don’t have a website just yet, what you want to do is follow these 5 steps.

Step 1 – Get your business a domain name.

The first step to getting your business online is to find a domain name that suits you business. Your domain name is what people first see when they look at your website and having the correct domain name such as “” will help build legitimacy as opposed to a web host offering a “free” domain looking something like ““. You can see the difference already.

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Step 2 – Find a reliable web host.

After you have your domain name you will need somewhere to park your website. A good web host will keep your business online with minimum downtime and less downtime means more visibility, which means more potential customers, which means more $$$ for you.

Some web hosts have the option to purchase a domain name through their company, which could save you some time.

For my top 5 web hosts read my other post here or for more information about web hosts read this.

Step 3 – Build your website.

So now you have a domain name and you’ve attached it to your web host. The next step to getting your business online is the fun part, you can get creative and build your website. The options are endless when it comes to designing your website. Some hosts offer drag and drop web builders so you can do it your self if you have the time.

While using a drag and drop builder will get the job done, most are limited in what they can offer. The alternative is either learn how to code or hire someone like Exoweb to do the work for you.

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Step 4 – Fill your website with brilliant content.

Now that your website is built, you need to fill it with useful content that your customers want to read. You could start by including a section about your business, describing who you are and what you do. Next you could have your product or services and write useful descriptions of each product or service your business offers. You could start a blog keeping your customers up to date with your business or showcasing new products. If you can write good content your customers will enjoy visiting your website.

Step 5 – Perform SEO.

This last step, search engine optimisation can prove a bit technical, but you can do some simple SEO yourself by keeping the content of your website on topic. Now that you have your business online, you can add your listing to Google, Facebook and local directories, these will help your business be seen.

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